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Sailing Adventures - Crew wanted!

Spinnaker flying
Spinnaker flying in Polynesia

This is the site of sailing yacht 'Sangvind', and our family as we sail throughout the islands of the South Pacific.

We are often looking for adventurous crew to join us on our voyages. Please read more on the Sail on Sangvind page.

We have been sailing together since 2000 - for 12 years on board our last boat 'Moet', and since 2014 on 'Sangvind', raising our two boys at sea. We have taken over 100 crew over the years in places like the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Indonesia and Borneo, sailing and surfing our way throughout South East Asia and the Pacific.

You can contact us on:

While we are sailing we have infrequent email access, but will reply to emails as soon as we can.

You can also follow us on facebook for more regular photos and updates:

Sangvind sailing in Mexico
'Sangvind', with friends and crew in La Cruz, Mexico

Sangvind sailing in Mexico
'Sangvind' sailing in Mexico

Here is some recent footage of Sangvind sailing down the Pacific coast between the US and Mexico, and exploring some islands near La Paz.

Sangvind sailing to Mexico from oceannomads on Vimeo.

This video was filmed on our previous boat 'Moet' in Asia and the Pacific. Enjoy!

Cruising the Pacific and Asia by sailing yacht Moet from oceannomads on Vimeo.

Have a look at some of our previous pictures and stories from the places we have visited over the last 12 years, and see some of the crew who have joined us for the adventure!

Do you want to watch another short movie filmed on 'Moet'? This was made in Fiji in 2005 by our crew Gary who joined us for a month of sailing and surfing: Someday the Waves Cheers Gary! (First section of the film is Fiji, second is in NZ)

Frans surfing Uluwatu, Indonesia, March 2010

You can contact us on:

When we are sailing we only have very infrequent email access so we may not get a chance to reply immediately, but we will do so as soon as we can!

Windsurfing in Mexico
Windsurfing in Mexico

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